Project Manager / Mastermind

Dechen Lhaze

She Received BA in Management of Southwest University for Nationalities. And currently is a researcher in World Heritage International Research Center of Soutwest Jiaotong University and executive director of Minyag Culture Heritage Consultation Association of Ganzi Prefecture,Sichuan Province. She studied in rochester institute of technology and George Mason University for advanced English and project management . She was a visiting scholar in Virginia University in 2012 and Columbia University in 2017. Starting from 2005 she was in charge of 7,  800+ year old ancient towers, 8 chapel and residence building restoration and community cultural awareness-raising training.In addition, from 2009 was conducting a 5-year long mural conservation training with UNESCO culture experts in Minyag Sichuan. Her major field is research on Tibetan culture heritage preservation and conservation including architecture and mural preservation

She’s worked on hundreds of projects involving the preservation of Tibetan Culture

Some structural sites she has been involved with include but aren’t limited to :

  • Milarepa’s Tower
  • Potala Palace 
  • Cultural Relics in the Kegya Temple
  • Daglha Gampo Temple
  • Gyiamar Village
  • Kagyu Temple
  • Shannan Mindroling Temple


Tibetan Medicine Doctor (TTM) 

Amchi Kunga

Amchi Kunga

Tibetan Medicine Doctorate Certificate

Amchi Kunga hails from a long and well respected lineage of Amchis from the Kam Region in Tibet (the word “Amchi” means Doctor). In addition, he studied Buddhist Philosophy and Astrology extensively durring his many years as a monk traveling throughout Asia. After leaving the Monastery he operated clinics in Dharamsala, Goa and Ladakh India. As an astrologer, he has great experience in making the life char and divination, containing aspects about future life and financial situations, ect.

The above mentioned are explained in meticulous detail.

“I am doing all these things to pervade the extraordinary experience of my Great Master who was very helpful and beneficial in revealing all of these techniques to many people in his lifetime. I heartily dedicate these meritorious works for the welfare of all sentient beings”

-Amchi Kunga Chodak

Passionate Tibetan Cultural Practitioner & Preservationist / Site Administrator 

Tom Hadley

Tom Hadley

Tom Hadley and Dechen Lhaze

After 10 years of interest and research into Tibetan Culture Tom Hadley found himself in the Tibetan side of Chengdu, Sichuan China where he met Dechen’s uncle (A wonderful, friendly and wise monk) while seeking a Tibetan Medicine Doctor with the knowledge for creating the ancient formulas like Chulen and Shilajit. This monk ended up introducing him to his niece Dechen Lhaze where he then linked up with Amchi Kunga though Dechen to come up with a means to distribute Tibetan Medicine to the west to benefit all sentient beings as well as fund the preservationist projects Dechen oversees throughout Asia. With this idea they decided a website would be made to offer beneficial services to the western world which otherwise has little to no contact with Tibetans or Tibetan Culture.
As of 10-9-2018 Tom is still in the process of creating this web page so we hope you continue to check back regularly.

Todo list :

  • Email News Letter system for product updates and upcoming cultural event announcements
  • Buddhist Jewelry and Mantra Blessing of any products by Dromo Geshe Rinpoche (3rd reincarnation)
  • In depth Tibetan Knowledge Library ( songs, text, history, images and more)