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Welcome to HimalayanCare.net

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Tibetan Cultural Services provided by HimalayanCare.net
Tibetan Medicine
Amchi Kunga our local TTM Doctor with years of experience and training in ancient remedies is here to service the needs of the western world by offering the highly sought out medicine that Tibet has used for centuries.
Non-Profit Fund Raising
50% of the profits from the medicine are given to our non-profit organization dedicated to preserving ancient Tibetan structures as well as the creation of new temples!
Cultural Events
We host a wide range of cultural events on international holidays where people can come and enjoy live music and partake in and celebrate the rich Tibetan buddhist culture
.Services. WE PROVIDE
Buddhist Jewelry
We provide necklaces and bracelets of several types made in local monasteries for serious practitioners across the globe! Don't have the color you're for? Don't worry we also take requests!
Jewelry Blessing
We can also have your jewelry blessed by a high level Rinpoche with a specific mantra of protection of your choosing! And all profits are returned back to the monasteries
Medicine Blessing
The option to get your medicine blessed by a high level Rinpoche is also a possibility! If you have a specific mantra you want it blessed with let us know and all the profits are again returned to the monasteries

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